Bianca Turner

Born in Alba-Iulia, Romania

Lives & works in Los Angeles, CA


Bianca Turner’s paintings are deeply inspired by nature and its vivid colors, and by the societal issues that surround her. Turner sees art as “the definition of infinity” and her work explores the continuous transmutation of the evolving essence of life and nature. Visions and words turn into colors and textures to create new narratives in this dimension of infinity .As an artist, Turner feels that it’s important to bring awareness to the world regarding different problems that affect us, as a single unit. In her art she focuses on sending out a message to the whole entire world about real problems that the regular people have and she tries to make all the people (even the ones who live in their bubble) think about what every individual’s impact in this world is. The artist feels that we all must leave a legacy behind us for the future generations and that her job is to transpose this concept from her art to everyone else. She wants to make her fans and the ones who see her work understand that Future, Hope and Success of the next generations start with every one of us. Turner always affirms that we should not say “I hope” - we should always say “I am hope” – this is the main message that is at the foundation of her art compositions. 


Turner is a self-taught artist; she holds degrees in economics and biology. Her paintings hang in private and corporate international collections, and at Haegeumgang Museum in South Korea. Her work has been featured in various magazines, and art publications. She received the Woman Art Award from MUSA International Art Space in 2018 and 2020, and the Certificate of Excellence in Art from Creative Circle in Lyon, France. In January 2020 she was awarded with the Leonardo da Vinci International Prize - The Universal Artist, which she received in Florence, Italy.

Since March 2021, the artist became a creator on several NFT platforms where she is minting her digital work. 

In June 2021, Turner was part of the curatorial team who organized the art exhibition of HRH Archduchess Gabriela von Habsburg, in Romania. Turner was also one of the main media sponsors, along with Forbes magazines, of this European cultural event. 

At the beginning of July 2021, Turner expanded her artistic career to lecturing at international art events, the main one for her being The International Festival of Street Art which was held in Timisoara, Romania; her academic dissertation is published in numerous art universities that participated at this seminar. As of 2023, Turner will be an Associated Professor at the University of West, Visual Arts Faculty in Timisoara, Romania.


Turner works from her home studio. Her future art projects include several group exhibitions (in Los Angeles, Milan, Buenos Aires, Tokyo and Shanghai), curatorial charity events for the underprivileged children from Los Angeles who are interested in art and have artistic inclinations, a collaboration with a chocolate factory in Europe for designing the package of their limited edition collection that will be launched in 2022, and a solo exhibition at a private art club in Vienna, Austria in July, next year. Turner will also be part of the curatorial team who will organize the art exhibition of Countess Sorina von Keyserling, in Romania in June 2022.

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Bianca and Lilo in art studio (picture 3
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2000 - Present Self-taught artist

2000 - 2007 PhD in International Economic Relations

2011 - 2016 Postgraduate studies in Marine Biology

2021 - Associated artist of the International Association of                 Visual Arts of UNESCO



2021 - First Prize received for the work "Red", Fine Art

           America Contest, USA

2021 - Second Prize received for the work "Depression       

           Comes in Many Colors", Fine Art America Contest,


2021 - Finalist of the Pixels Billboard Contest, USA


2020 - Woman Art Award, MUSA International Art Space in               collaboration with UNESCO Bologna, Rome, Italy

2020 - The Artist of The Day, See Me Community in                           Partnership with Sotheby's Art Institute, New York                   City,  USA

2020 - The Universal Artist Leonardo da Vinci International               Prize, Florence, Italy

2018 - Woman Art Award, MUSA International Art Space,                 Madrid, Spain

2018 - Certificate Of Excellence in Art, Creative Circle, Lyon,             France


Exhibitions & Festivals

2023 - CLIO Art Festival, Los Angeles, USA

2022 - Moon Art Fair, Hamburg, Germany

2022 - Art in dialogue with nature, Art book launch, Bonn, 


2022 - Art on Loop Exhibition, The Holy Art, London, UK

2022 - Lacuna Art Festival, Barcelona and Canary Islands, 


2022 - Diversia, Group exhibition, UNITED NATIONS, New

           York City, USA

2022 - Group exhibition, Einladung (Auction for Ukraine)

           Zurich, Switzerland

2022 - Stand up against Domestic Violence Fundraiser, 

           Haven Hills, Burbank, USA

2022 - Solo Exhibition, Art 9TEEN, Vienna,Austria

2022 - International Biennial of Contemporary Art, Buenos                 Aires, Argentina

2022 - L'invisible, Bortone Gallery, Paris, France

2022 - 6th Annual Anniversary, Open Mind Art Space, Los                 Angeles, USA

2021 - NOMAD Exhibition, Torrance Art Museum, Los         

           Angeles, USA

2021 - ODYSSEY Fundraiser, Torrance Art Museum

           Advocates and City of Torrance, Los Angeles, USA

2021 - The Flux Review, London, UK

2021 - Paraiso Exhibition, M.A.D.S. Gallery, Milan, Italy

2021 - Habitat for Humanity Fundraiser, Los Angeles, USA

2021 - Big Passover Exhibition, Israeli Art Market, Tel Aviv,                 Israel

2021 - 5th Annual Anniversary, Open Mind Art Space, Los                 Angeles, USA

2021 - Goodbye 2020 Welcome 2021, Israeli Art Market, Tel             Aviv, Israel

2020 - International Festival of Street Art, Frankfurt, Germany

2020 - Artistic creation in times of COVID-19, Diafano                       Community, Barcelona, Spain

2020 - Art in Transition, See Me Community, New York City,               USA

2020 - The Artist of the Day, See Me Community in         

           Partnership with Sotheby's Art Institute, New York

           City,  USA

2020 - Fake Space, SKT Gallery, London, UK

2020 - Woman's Essence, MUSA International Art Space in               collaboration with UNESCO Bologna, Rome, Italy

2020 - Represent, See Me Community in Partnership with                 Sotheby's Art Institute, New York City, USA

2020 - International Festival of Street Art, Timisoara, Romania

2020 - Global Contemporary, Art 9Teen, Vienna, Austria

2020 - Art Saves Humanity, See Me Community, New York                 City, USA

2020 - 4th Annual Anniversary, Open Mind Art Space, Los                 Angeles, USA

2019 - Never Odd or Even, The Solarium, Pasadena, USA

2019 - One Self, See Me Community, New York City, USA

2019 - Of Earth and Space, Open Mind Art Space, Los                     Angeles, USA

2019 - Ashes of Hope, Wildfire Relief Fund Auction, Los                     Angeles, USA

2019 - Stand Up Against Domestic Violence, Haven Hills                   Auction, Burbank, USA

2019 - LA Art Show, Los Angeles, USA

2018 - Art Basel Miami Beach, Miami, USA

2018 - Unity in Variety IX, Substrate Gallery, Los Angeles,                 USA

2018 - Reflection, Haegeumgang Theme Museum, Geoje,

           S. Korea

2018 - Monaco Art Yacht Show, Art UpClose Gallery, Monaco

2018 - The Art of Ra, Gabriel Fine Arts, London, UK

2018 - Fine Art Cannes Biennale, Cannes, France

2018 - Woman's Essence, MUSA International Art Space,                 Madrid, Spain

2018 - Art Expo New York, New York City, USA

2018 - Iron Triangle Brewing Exhibition, Los Angeles, USA

2018 - Unity in Variety VIII, 508 Kings Road Gallery, London,             UK

2017 - Carrousel du Louvre Contemporary Art Fair, Paris,                 France

2017 - We Contemporary - The Faces of Contemporary Art,               MUSA International Art Space, Kiev, Ukraine

2017 - We Contemporary - The Faces of Contemporary Art,               MUSA International Art Space, Rome, Italy

2017 - Unity in Variety V, Gabriel Fine Arts, London, UK

2017 - Viva Arte Viva Venetia Biennale, Nina Torres Fine Art,             Venice Italy

2017 - Parallax Art Fair, London, UK

2010 - Pure vibrant colors, High Studio Fine Art Gallery,                     Moorpark, USA

2009 - Moorpark Art Festival, Moorpark, USA

2008 - Abstract art from the soul, High Studio Fine Art                       Gallery, Moorpark, USA

Gallery Representation


- The International Association of Visual Arts, UNESCO

- The Factory Gallery, London, UK

- Bortone Gallery, Paris, France

- Open Mind Art Space, Los Angeles, USA

- Art Podium, Singapore

- Tricera, Tokyo, Japan

- M.A.D.S., Milan, Italy

- Art 9TEEN, Vienna, Austria,

- Gallery M&A, Ystad, Sweden

- Diafano Art Community, Barcelona, Spain

- See Me Community, New York City, USA

- Israeli Art Market, Tel Aviv, Israel

- Kunsthaus 7B, Sibiu, Romania

Other Artistic Projects

- Visiting lecturer at University of Visual Arts, Timisoara,


- Sponsor of Countess Sorina von Keyserling's exhibition at 

  Biennale June 2022, Cisnadioara, Sibiu County, Romania

- Media sponsor of HRH Gabriela von Habsburg's exhibition

 'Spatiu intre - In between' in Cisnadioara, Sibiu County,


- Lecturer at The International Festival of Street Art (FISART)

- Website designer for various artists (painters and sculptors)

  including HRH Gabriela von Habsburg

- Website designer for art galleries and exhibitions

- Art and Business consultancy to various artists (painters

  and sculptors)

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